About us
AKM Engineering offers both, classical engineering services and rent of the virtual engineer in the field of simulation engineering and product development and design. Our experts in engineering field can help solve your engineering challenges by simulating your designs through a range of services using our analysis expertise with simulation software. You can always be sure about work quality of our engineers with a majority holding a masters, and EQF (European Qualification Framework) Level 7. By offering the broadest portfolio of engineering simulation and design software, we help our customers solve their most complex design challenges.
Our company
Our mission is to provide all the tools and resources your business needs to bring your idea to life. We believe that this way of communication between us and client can help to save time and money. With this simple idea there is possibilities to rase this industry on a new level.
Our contacts
Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 17:00 (GMT +2)
Phone: +372 58136125
E-mail: artjom@akm-engineering.ee
E-mail: info@akm-engineering.ee
Harju maakond, Maardu linn, Karitsa tn 5, 74114
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